Total Warrior 10K

On Saturday 4th August 2012, Kerryann Stewart and Beverley Brimm from Chilton participated in the Total Warrior 10k obstacle course and raised over £300 for Kyran.

Kerryann said “We chose Kyran because we know the family, and see them about doing day to day things and think they are all just amazing. My children are around the same age and there is that feeling of "that could be us".  We wanted to help, even in a little way. If there is enough money raised for them to have a fun filled day out or a weekend away those memories are worth more than just £'s and pence. We chose Total Warrior because it's so tough and we wanted people to see we were seriously challenging ourselves and were worth sponsoring! People have been very kind, times are tight for us all but add all those £'s together and it has definitely been worth all the bruises”.

A big thank you to Kerryann and Beverley and everyone who has sponsored them.

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